They say here’s nothing impossible, ‘possible’.
Everything and all better may you know,
My illusion and mistakes, made you let go.
Now my life is empty, nothing to win ‘n lose.
No more laughter’s and not a single trouble,
When I think of you, rest life becomes impossible.
Wounds have been healed, but scars‘re still ‘n so.
What am saying ‘n dreaming, all you better know.
All thoughts ‘n for what I am hoping is impossible.
In nights eyes are drizzling, memories are killing.
You are so stronger; from mind you give me a throw.
Than me, you can have much finer, surely possible.
Those days I was careless, sorry is very less to say.
For I don’t come to your ways, to lord I’ll always pray.
Win I got for struggles, my world is really awesome.
But something I got stolen, to have back is impossible.
It’s all sound of heart, someone tell, him is impossible.
(c.k as oliver)

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