I have every thing.
Joy that life brings and yet im still so lonely.
Know one notices me! I am filled,empty!! I love but i hate him.
I cant stand to lose but i dont know how to win?!
Should i walk away?
My heart says stay, tommorow is another day.
But rite now im so lonely in this dark empty…
Space, tears stream down so i hide my face i feel like im suffocating.
All these mixed emotions are so aggravating i want to die!
Instead i hang my head and cry.
Sad lonely tears that smear my made up face i put on to earn your embrace.
Then you walk away never eager to hear what i need to say.
I love you but do you love me.
I dont want the things that money buy i want loves lullaby…
You know happily ever after!
You and i are a disaster.
Cant stand to be apart but i feel this relationship isnt coming from your heart.
Yes ill be sad but arent i already leave and let me be.
Make a decision please!!
Cant you see im on my knees, asking for closure for comfort for the pain i will endure.
Ill wipe away the tears that have fallen all these wasted years.
I hug you one last time,kiss and say goodbye…
I dont want to be lonely without you but i am lonely when im with you.
Ive been so confused but i know this i must do.
To our hearts we must be true.
My wonds ill now soothe.
Youll become a distant memory of a time when i use to be so lonely.

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Tani Partner says:

Awesome… Very nice Poem ,, really Heart touching but i know it is herat statement that you are feeling and i am remembering my time going thru the same way

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