I Will Miss…

When nights will be dark and silent,
I will be sitting alone in a room, reading a book of Khalil
I will miss…
Warmth of your breathe around me
And your presence on empty bed.

When there will be full moon nights,
I will be sitting in my balcony
I will miss…
How we used to sit on same chair holding each other
And shared our wounds, weaknesses and fears of life.

When it rains in evening,
I will hold a cup of tea and listen to music
I will miss…
How you used to relax on my lap
And your fingers moved in my hair.

When early morning in summers,
I will have a walk in a park
I will miss…
How I used to walk with you silently like a child with total trust.
As if I belonged to you all my life

When I will be in pain,
I will miss…
How you used to take me on long ride to bring smile on my face
And hide me in your arms

When I will be happy,
I will miss…
How you used to give me a rose without any reason to double my happiness.

Till the time I am alive,
I will miss you
You are breathing in me
And I can’t take you out.

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