You and Me

You leave me just tell me the reason why,
My love for you is as big as blue sky.

Oh my Romeo, take me somewhere with you,
I can’t live alone, I love you and it’s true.

Remember the garden we made in beaker,
Now every second makes me weaker.

I want to be with you, you are all mine,
When we are together, everything is fine.

I feel so alone; I want you to be here,
But when I close my eyes, I found you everywhere.

My heart still hurts, tell me where you are,
I know you are in my, heart but still so far.

I ran away from home and came to a place,
Where we are standing, right now face to face.

And now you are back, and I know that’s all,
I know you will catch me, every time I’ll fall.

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3 Responses on “You and Me”

Shivani this is an ausom poem and i hav became ur fan says:

Shivani ur poem is realy ausom and want to be ur friend as i m unable to find ur id so will u please send me request on my email

RAMAN says:

realy your poeam is good,, feel like piece
and i hope u vl better in future

surekha says:

really its a very heart touching poem.i want u as my know my passion is also writing poem.

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