Sometimes i think
I need to took permission from you
But love is that special feeling
which do not need any permission
Sometimes i think
I dont deserve to be in your life
But if i dont deserve than
But if you dont,than
why you said you Love me
Sometimes i feel i will loose you
But how could i loose you
If I dint get you in my life
Tears dropped out of my eyes while thinking of all this
But i realized even tears also dont want to be MINE sometimes .,.

Your’s (Hope So)
Tani Partner.,.

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8 Responses on “SomeTimes”

bianca says:

i like this poem good job i post more poems that i wrote on here plz leave a comments .

Tani Partner says:

Thank you so much Bianca

Cara Mia says:

In the past, when people told me love was fleeting, I never believed them. It’s different now. I understand their logic.

kulbir singh says:

marvelous poem which touched my heart and too my tears which flows from my eyes

Tani Partner says:

Thank you so much cara mia & kuldeep singh for appreciating my poem

benforever says:

this poem really lovely and its very beautiful the message,,write more poems like this topic..

Tani Partner says:

Thank you so much Ben

kidiya arti says:

really good poem n great thought…so thanks.

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