My Husband

I couldn’t find a word
To express how much I love you
Cause in my heart and mind
I am overwhelmed by your love.

You’re not a perfect lover
Always has bad moods I hate
A snob man like you
An irksome to a woman like me.

You believe you stand out in everything
But for me you’re just big headed
Don’t wait for my opinions
Rather assumed to be very good.

I abhor some of your ideas
It irritates me a lot
Your words are better than mine
As if you are the best of all.

But what makes me stay long
In this up and down love affair
Is your honesty and loyalty
To your promises on our love.

I may not be the woman
With the most beautiful face
But you always assure me
I possess the beauty no one has.

Your kiss and hug everyday
Brings comfort to my loneliness
Never a dull moment
When you speak of love.

I am always pleased
With your endearing words
Coupled with genuine actions
Of how much you really love me.

May our love last forever
Even if it takes longer
How I wish it will never stop
Till our last breath.

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5 Responses on “My Husband”

ramon lopez says:

… this is for you honey i hope you like it…… i love you always….

ramon lopez says:

honey your my life en everything…. ilove you more than you’ll ever know…

ramon lopez says:

ilove you 4 ever

adzren says:

a very sweet words..

david mark edward says:

i know soon ur going to be my husband , i dunno wat words can i say to u , to make u feel that i really love u so much , from the day we meet i knew god sent u to babe, i feel it from my heart that my search is over coz u come into my life, thanks a lot babe for ur love thats has no bounderies , i hope i can make u happy, welcome to my life and to my family. i love u baby

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