My First Kiss

my first kiss
i always miss
you held me so tight
as if you were having every right
you were not ready to leave
and that time i couldnt breathe
time was going so long
thats the reason you sung a romantic song
after tht i could feel the softness of your hand
as i hope n felt that this relationship should never end
it was the first and the last chance
when you made me do a romantic dance
you played with my hair
as i dont let anyone touch my hair
i let you cos i know how much you care
i was completely with you
and your dream came true
that was the last time we were together
and iam never going to forget forever
i wish that day never end
if i get a chance to gift you something
i would gift you a kiss
that i always miss!

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9 Responses on “My First Kiss”

mohammed Viquar Uddin says:


Really i never Forget tht day tht u gave me such beautiful Gift me, as a im nt going to forget tht day, i pray to allah to make my every day as beutiful day which i spend wid u,
Miss u ,

sadia says:

im vvvvvvvv happy my poem came.n im waitng fr cmmnts

sumayya says:

nice poem….lovely

Jatin says:

nice and lovely poem

zatuul says:

i love this poem! (:

ARIF says:

Realy very nice……
After reading i feel my x girlfriend very
i like it very much and dedicate for lenin

sadia zainab says:

Thanks everybody

Shamsu says:

I really love this poem

sadia zainab says:

Thanks everyone

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