Love You

I always thought of you and me
Of just another couple not meant to be.
Will my world be a better place
without you by my side?
Or will my world then just be
one bumpy ride?

With you I know just what to say
With you it’s not an ordinary day.
Myself I don’t have to hide from you
Cause what I know you know to!

Different was my world without you
I wasn’t me.
Different is my word with you
I always say your to good to be.

Love is what I feel for you
Are you feeling the same way to?
Cause if you do take my hand
And forever and always we will stand!

Every day I stand up
Not knowing why I do
Every day I stand up
knowing it must be you
since the day we met
you’re the one I cant forget.

Well you’ve already stole my heart
So now we cant be apart.
Do you want my soul to?
I will give it just for you.

I knew a life change would come
I didn’t thought it would be this way.
Now my search is over and done
I love you is all I have left to say.

Category: Love Poems

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