Just One Step

** My Feelings are true
My Love for you is Pure
Deep from my heart
I am not a lier
Than why you dont TRUST ME
why do you think,that,
“”even i dont know either i love you or not””
how it could be possible.??
I am committed to you,
Why you still believe you are not good for me
You had true and transparent heart
If you do not had feelings towards me than why u share your past with me
You love me but you dont want me in your life
You love me but you dont accept this fact,
You love me but you dont want to come out of your Past
You say no girl will accept you with all this ,
I am accepting you
I want you to be in my Life as MY LIFE…
Than why you are so confused
Trust me , took one step with me ,
we will try to make our good future and present
Just one step ,
I am always with you
You are true ,
Your feelings are true
Don’t hide them ,
come and walk with me.,.
take , Just one step **

Your’s (Hope So)
Tani Partner.,.

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bianca says:

nice poem thx for the comment on my poem. please read the rest of them n leave comments .

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