I Remember

I remember nights
when it wouldn’t matter
if the rain would fall
i remember days
if the shine would shine
from behind the clouds
i remember times
when laughter is all we heard
there was nothing including our selves
i remember every moment that we shared
we listen giving praise
and understanding mends the hurt within
sometimes just a thought
i remember things we used to do
so much fun,so little fear
one adventure to another
always on the go
i remember all this
after all we’ve been through
each time i simply open my eyes
i see you still looking back at me.

3 Responses on “I Remember”

ashley says:

wow………..simplly heart touching nd reminding me of my bst frnd

Clairvoyantdestiny(Jhoyce) says:

“In this note,are my bestfriend’s!”
Thank you Ashley for your time!-_^

clairvoyantdestiny@yahoo.com says:

And…. even thanks is not enough,to have that goes beyond the words.”:)

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