I Love You

I love you
With your rugged look and curly hair
You did cause my heart to beat
I am thankful to your parents
For bringing up a fine person
I love you
We were never out of touch
with one another
I remember the many-many hours
We stay connected on the phone
We called each other
every morning we call it
The wake-up call and
talk all night long
Our phone bills were always high
That made a stronger bond
in our relationship
We appreciate and respect
One another more
We do argue a lot and acknowledge
That there will always be
differences between us
We have grown together over the years
We have conversations that
are meaningful
We seek each other opinion
and listen more
To what is being said
We joke and make fun of one another
I love you
You are my best friend
Who was there at each stage of my life and who.I hope.
Still be around in many more phases of my life.

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