I Know

I Knw You Are Not Mine,
Still I Feel Being With You.

I Knw You Give Me Pain,
Still I Find Relief In You.

I Knw You Ignore My Emotions,
Still Am Emotional For You.

I Knw You Nvr Wait For Me,
Still I Wait For You.

I Knw You Nvr Think Of Me,
Still Am Dipped In You.

I Knw I Can Nvr Keep You Happy,
Still I Find My Hapiness in You.

I Knw We’ll Nvr Stay Alive Forevr
Still I Die Every Moment For You.

You Dont Knw Someone Likes You So Hard
But Still I Know, Somewhr in Your Heart Feels The Same For Me Too……..

Category: Love Poems

3 Responses on “I Know”

Cecilia says:

beautiful lyrics. It moves me and made me wonder if the author really writes from experience.

dhalyah says:

i like this poem co’z
it can relate myself..

i have boyfriend but i dont know
if his really good or sincere to
me… i know.. huhuhuhuhu

God forgive me:(

jeano says:

this is super perfect poem for me. thou my hubby is not with me anymore… he is still the one i know i have in my heart. and i still cre bout him. he’s always in my thoughts

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