Isit under a sky of blue,
All i can think of is mind you
I sit gazing at the sky thinking of u,
As day’s go by wish we can be always and forever,
Hoping we will never part u,
will always remind in my heart
i’ve seen the light and it in u,
in every think u do

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8 Responses on “Forever”

sadia says:

very nice poem keep going on writng such poem.

sarfaraz says:

hey kwl poem dude !!
u hav good poetic mind !!

CANDY says:


rashmi says:

thank you

clairvoyantdestiny(Jhoyce) says:

“Beautiful!” 🙂

rajesh says:

too “sweet”

tiya says:

It’s really nice.
plz keep it up

saba says:

very nice poem u hav got poetic mind

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