Everytime I Think

whenever i think
whatever i think
wherever i think
always i think

24 hours and 7 days
all 60 minutes and
all 60 seconds
alltimes i think.

when i am ill
when i am healthy
when i am glad
when i am weep

when i am in silence
when i am in anger
when i am in danzer
in all desires i think..

when i am busy
when i am free
when i dont want think
i think of you forever.

2 Responses on “Everytime I Think”

Anonomus says:

I’m not sure if it is supposed to be the way it is or not but i do notice some errors that make the poem a little harder to comprehend as in “when i am weep” or “when i am in danzer” like I said I’m not sure if you did the intentionally or not but just thought i would throw that out there

alishainlove says:

waaoh amazing poems
i just loved it
its awsommmm and full of emotions

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