Can I Be

Can I be the one for you, as I was once for you?
Can you give me chance, as I was once giving to you?
Can you say me mine, as once I was hearty saying to you?
Can’t you accept me however I am, as once I was accepting you?
Can’t you believe me, as once I was having trust on you?
Can I be the only for you, as once I was just and only for you?
Can’t I make your wounds aided, ‘n every time I’ll be waiting for you?
Can’t you lose something for me, as once I was drawing all for you?
Can’t I be not in your thoughts, as once I was all time thinking for you?

2 Responses on “Can I Be”

rodney says:

I love you Olivier Williams

jocobi harris says:

i love this poem, because i just broke up with my boyfriend and it look he didnt want nobodyto love him and plus he was play the games. i tryed to love him and be more then his girl he didnt want that. so this poem is in my shoes. CAN I BE YOURS DOMINIQUE DEVON FLOYD

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