Why Should I

If someone certainly falls down we always laugh at that body,
Never try to guess from how much pain has that body suffered.
Waste lots of money in parties but never tried giving needy something.
We always try to be faster than others but never try to wait for left one.
Never try to make one understand cut your cloth according to your cloth.
If that’s not ready to take it in mind than run for him I why should I?
A temple broken can be repaired but why the heart broken cannot be,
If I can’t help it then why should I break the heart? Why should I,
If someone is not getting peace to see my politeness still speaking high?
Then for how long polite could I, but his method ‘adopt’ no why should I,
See injustice ‘quite’ remain should I, if others are quite but why should I,
If others are wasting my mother land then doing them copy why should I,
If others are hating and fighting with each other then why should I,
If others are blaming god for wrong with them then why should I,
If people are loving each other then doing a copy of them yes should.

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