Who Am I???

My friends find me cute and kind.
Close friends knows I’m sensitive.
For those who really know me
Can tell that I’m jolly and outgoing person.
Generous, sensitive and naughty sometimes.

I used to believe that I am really all that.
Until something happened with someone
And that someone was supposed to know me.
Not just know me but love me with all this.
All the positive attitudes I have.

But now, I don’t really know who I am.
For that someone made me changed.
Before I knew it, I’m all negative…
In every little thing I say and do…
And I guess I’m never good enough for him…

I’m negative and I’m good at it! That’s what he made me.
Is this what I really am??? Is this now what he sees of me???
Even I know that I myself can change to be positive.
But that someone still thinks and acts the same…
Then I guess he’s the only one who can tell me and all of you…
Who Am I…?

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3 Responses on “Who Am I???”

Kath says:

Such a sad poem, I wonder who did this to you?…

DHAWAL says:

awesome poetry………………”WHO I AM???”

Juneah says:


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