Untold Story.

The rain is coming down and I can hardly see, what it is, exactly, ahead of me
The sky is grey and the road is long
I want so badly to just break down, to disappear without a sound, but I keep walking, each step one with the ground
As I walk begin to see, that no one has looked at me
I continue to walk, and the faces blur, why they did, I’m still unsure
I slow down, my paces are easy
This road is unfamiliar, I get dizzy
My heart hammers and it feels like its beating within my throat
Then the brightness burns my eyes, I blink twice before I look at the sky
It’s not grey anymore and I wonder why
I look around, but there’s no one to ask.
I close my eyes
I breathe in deeply, the pain is still in my chest, but it seems to be fading
I hear the soft sound of birds chirping, it opens my eye’s
Then I see the sky
Its blue, the grass is green and the world is new, so it seems
I sit down and breathe in this astonishing glory
And since there where no other eyes,
It will forever, be an untold story

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