Time moves at an unceasing pace.
The passage of time, brings in its wake,
all manner of changes.
The child grows into a youth,
and the youth into an old man.
One generation yields place to another,
but time has no time to bother.
Social, political, economic systems
and ideologies change.

There is the world to witness,
the tyranny of Idi Amin
and the diplomacy of Churchill.
Empires rise and fall,
empires thrive and dwindle,
the stars may stop their twinkle,
but time is never wrinkled.

Time moves on unabated,
bringing forth ceaseless changes.
Time is like a consuming fire,
which can destroy all monuments of glare,
burning all cobwebs,
it prepares the ground,
for the renovation of ideas.
It is the mightiest of the mighty.
Isn’t it foolish to compare the pace of time,
with the pace of human mind?

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