When i think of those things
thankful for i keep
coming back to you
thankful for the life i lived
all the night
i spent in your eyes
all in the night
i had your ear
felt your touch
was grace by your voice
walked and sat by your side
such a long time spent so well
all in just one night
thankful for the life reborn
by your simple smile
thankful for a future seen
just by looking in your eyes
it’s such a blessing
to encounter a soul
that allows feeling to flow
who in a few moments
with a kind heart
and caring touch
allows you to breathe
oh yes,
i have so many things
to be thankful for
the list is long
and never ending
but it always keeps
coming back to me.

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2 Responses on “Thankful”

Sonia says:

Very nice…iluv this poem.

Destiny says:

Thank’s Sonia! 🙂

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