New Life

From pain and agony a will emerged
After being lost on a new life I’ve anchored
Everything was dark my soul and my world
Discovering that your love was hatred
And after crowning her name in my heart
Bitterness clamored and touched my spirit
Loud have I listened to a truth I ranked the worst
Suffered from fake love and I felt abandoned
Soreness was my all-day mood
In coldness and discomfort I was overruled
But In my ashes I remembered
My life before and after and I grinned
For One person, one lie, I surrendered

That was wrong ….
But what about the other thousand
I’m willing to try one more time or a hundred other
In my mind she, my prehistoric illusion, will be reminiscence and no more
With free Mind and soul and some from my core
I will prevail and with my past lie I will be fair
Lies are something to be forgotten but learnt from
A lesson by all means I claim
But then again forgotten and buried deep down
For a new air I breath in a new life with only the present inside the mind

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