My Pain

I am in pain I can’t live with it, where should I go,
To whom should I tell, rather than you to whom should I show,
You’re closer to my heart if you’ll turn face then where will I go,
Rather than crying what other thing I would do,
My own talk to me with rhyme, then how can I expect love or so?
Pain isn’t letting me to forgot back, can’t you help in doing so,
It’s better to die once, than dying every moment,
My owns say what I do is worthless, I still trust on myself ‘n you.
I have not got love of friends, parents and others too, just from you.
O! Dear you’re my mother and friend and other too.
Am standing in the heat, am expecting rain of love just from you.
To whom should I talk about my pain rather than you just you?
Am trying to live my life but still not succeeding ok!
I need your help, but to saw others crying, their pain ‘comes my pain.
You can do everything can’t you help me reducing a little of my pain.
Have only lost and lost from years, can’t you clear my tear.
(c.k as oliver)

Category: Life Poems

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