What leaves you stunned and puzzled
Even In dim light you feel dazzled
Think dear, is it a truth or illusion
That keeps you in haze and confusion

It seems so gleaming like dreams
Appears dribbling but not a stream
Look like dusk but it is not sun set
It is nothing but an alluring figment

Obsessive though it is hard to believe
More closer you go more it deceives
Do you know what’s the situation
Dear! It is not truth but an illusion

People work for it nights and days
For this falsity mirage hopefully pray
Hard to grasp, even saints are its prey
In a corner of heart this Satan lay

It compels an urbane behave as swine
Controls your soul and brings in turmoil
Never neglect this feeling my friend
More you ignore more it is dominant

Life is too small to overcome this feeling
Of life we can only be a loyal raider
O dear! This is worldly and afore proven
It is not a truth but an illusion

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