I can say that my greatest fear in life is to loose the one I love.
I fear of loosing someone so close and so dear to me.
That someone can be a friend, a family, a lover or even a pet.

It is why I always cry when I loose a friend so dear.
Even if this friend of mine will just go and face the challenges of her/his own dreams abroad.
I fear for her/his safety for he/she is too far away from home and from me.
I fear that if ever something bad happens to them, I can’t do anything about it to help them for it is so distant.

I also fear for the sudden and an provided death of a relative.
Because I fear of loosing someone who is always been there for me.
To whom I can always count on and ensure myself that I do have someone to depend on.
I fear for them, for when they die, I can never tell whether I will be able to see them again in the new world or a new life that each living souls will soon surely take.

I fear of loosing someone I love so dearly. I fear of loosing my daughter.
Because my life is never the same since I gave birth and life to her.
I fear that when the time comes that she has to leave and live the life on her own, she might get hurt, wounded and destroyed by those who are so unkind in this wild world.

Lastly, I fear for loosing all of them, my friend, my family and all those that I love. Because, without them I can never feel cared, loved and alive.
I fear of not knowing what it is like to live in this world full of trials and regrets without someone to love. It is love, which keeps me or us alive…

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Rosie says:

huh…??? sori dat u stuck wit u. 🙁

Your Angel says:

what a wonderful poem…
well said… Fear no more for I am with you…

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