If you can walk with the hard and tuff then you will find morning after the darkest end.
If you want to fly high, try to trace out, what’s going to happen in the end.
If you can dare to start then the next moment you will surely say can reach up to end.
If you are entangled into something serious, then don’t put your head down,
Rise before it like a mount, one day you will surely win the diamondish crown.
Sometime if starting is good may it could happen that much good or worst be the end.
While starting doing good for other, in the way troubles may come but it won’t be end the end.
While doing a little bad of other body, think much how bad would be your end.
A man can never be a starter, and can’t do the end, but go on ‘n on if you can for your run.
(c.k as oliver)

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