This is who we are
Human beings-A snake!
As you crawl up
To the highest mountain
There will be many snakes
To try to stop you
But even if you rolled back down
From where you’ve started
Get angry and frustrated
If you must but
Use that strength to reach the top
Dare to be different and
Be willing to give yourself and others
A fair break
You’ll be judge hastily
So give others a huge supply of patience
Others are just the
Test of your endurance
If your afraid of poison
If you only to give up half way
Then don’t waste your time
To start or try
So don’t be fooled
Of what others think of you
At the end of the day
You can walk head high
And say;”Hey!I’ve done it!
And it’s you who will profit
You will never know
What is there for you
On the highest mountain
If you’re afraid of being
Poisoned or swallowed by a snakes…

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