Sing Me


Sing me once more that sweet song
And give me what my heart wanted for so long,
Fly me out of this immoral land,
Do stare at my eyes and hold my hand…

Sing me once more that enchanting song
And give me the care I missed out so long,
Do wipe away my dormant fears, all my hidden tears,
That has been left unattended for nineteen years…

Sing me once more that fertile song,
Cuz’ I’m too weak to start with the Devils a real ding-dong,
Empower me – do give me the energy to fight,
So that those helpless beggars can at least sleep peacefully at night…

Sing me now any song; sing me any melody,
Or even you can sing me a long medley,
But I request you to sing me a completely virgin lullaby
When finally opium will also kick me without turning me drowsy and sleepy…

Thus, your songs are my love; your songs are my life,
Along with those I grow; alone without those I die…

Stephen Styris,
Bongaigaon College, Bongaigaon, Assam

2 Responses on “Sing Me”

connie says:

mis ko na songs mo sa akin,ganda ng boses mo na inspired ako,take care always and your very important to me,,,mahalo godbless…

Stephen says:

🙂 Welcome friend…

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