My Wish

Just watching you,
enthralls me for ever.
Just by one look, you,
charge my spirit full.

Entire world reflects,
behind retina of time.
I try deciphering images,
but none lasts long in vision.

All I have seen was unreal,
except your pure smile.
I delve deep into your dream,
rolling a role; you designed.

Awe struck I observe you,
close to my heart.
There I see you so pure,
filling my soul full.

Gods and demigods encircle,
chanting hymns of praise.
By a hidden smile on lips,
you breathe life to this world.

I do not have words, enough,
to describe your pure sweetness.
I pray to possess you as obsession,
Just to be filled by your grace!

When my eyes closes for ever,
that day I wish, stall your image,
in every cell of my body,
consecrating with my tears,
all the sounds I hear relate you…

Come to me in my silence.
Fill me with ambrosia of love.
Let me see a world fulfilled,
dancing in ecstatic enchantments.

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