A fine breeze passes through.
Right spiraled empty shell tunes;
Sound of life, soft n’ subtle ‘Aum,”
travels far and wide wading forests.

Whistling through bamboo shoots,
sweet melodies by seven notes arise.
Divinity of rhythm falls on earth,
on the tempo of nature’s heart.

In expanse of ear drums hymns evoke.
Music of cosmic extravaganza rhymes.
Sweet soft beat of pulsating lives tick,
creating symphony of divine love

Sounds create matters of existence.
Each object lives in unique letters.
Languages, music, thoughts, are born,
In purity of meditative minds, mantras born.

Every breathe is a music of life.
Pulsation synthesizes tunes and tones.
Diction and cadence of language’
creates master pieces in seventh symphony.

Life is beautiful set by soulful rhythm,
tunes percolate by percussion drums
Day beats retreat in heart of night.
Exotic Song of silence prevails.

Music of all forms manifest every where
Every heart beat becomes song of life
Creatures big and small creates rhyme,
whistling though whole of souls.

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