Life is Precious

I know what frustration feels like
I know how it feels to sick at heart
While trying to do my best
And enslaving myself
To other people’s expectation
I know how it feels
To be accused of things
I don’t even know about
And to be repaid with bad for
The good you did
I know how it feels to be alone
While everyone gleefully
Join together to go against you
And how they were glad
When your in trouble
That they gather gossip
And spread it everywhere
I know how it feels to sick at heart
And to be worn out from sobbing
Every night tears drench your bed
And how your pillow wet from weeping
I know how it feels to cry
And ask yourself “Why God?”
But I step out of that weakness
And step up into strength
That’s when I appreciate and value
Life most I’d learnt
To be grateful for every moment
And while I strive for improvement
I count my blessings…

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