Golden Bird

I thought about the golden bird ,
during 60 years of freedom we gain many things but we lost many thing too.
We lost not only a golden bird but more than this ,
we lost our culture ,traditions ,values , norms ,bravery ,history ,Social values & off course our aim or motive that why we take birth on this planet ,
what we lost it is impossible to find again .

The golden bird think why she fly high ,
we consider flying high or think high will develops our nation but crows are there who always try to cut the golden feather.
No one can listen the grief , everyone is busy.
Even no one wants to know about the golden bird..everywhere there is a chaotic situation & tends country as a fish market.

People give their attention on their cloths but not on their character , no one can see his own . There is no sport on the cloths of people & they trying to show white but why they don’t think about a black hole which is always with them. People can see far but not see inside his character. There is dark everywhere , we all our own shadows…..

Now GOLDEN BIRD wants to fly………….
Can it be possible in this society……………???
The question are hanging in front of us & trying to find the answer.

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