Deep Within

A wild howl deep inside,
world of dream sinks.
String of bubbles surf-up
bursting on to surface.
A soft wave glides away
Reaching strange lands
Time retreats to sleep,
folds into fold of unknown.

Senses retire one by one,
shatters on boulder of darkness.
Somewhere sparks an arc,
guiding light to unknown.
Day and night wakes up.
Mind sways to brilliance.
Universe melts down.
at the feet of mighty time.

Crumbled lives lie, in a corner,
un-ticking, un-aware of values.
weary scary cloak discarded,
sleeps in a heap unattended.
Flowers flow after worship,
swinging in river stream.
Ritual chants of hymn rise above,
invoking sun on eastern sky.

World drifts as a dream,
floating on rushing current.
Calf of a deer gasps for breath,
Caught in whirlpool sinks past.
Days n’ nights will flow as now,
taking a deep dip in time.
All shall depart behind veil of mystery
Their ashes float in streams of memory.

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