Good Bye

Today is the day of thy departure-
Its a feeling of mental torture…

Thou are departing for thy education,
Earnestly praying to the Almighty that
Thou must come back with the
Epitome of perfection.

Thou will always get remind
By whom thou are leaving behind…
Years, months and weeks will pass on….
Gradually the time of thy arrival
Will comes forth on…

Here, I am in the air-port
To sake you-“bye”-
After a couple of years, I shall be here again
To say you-“hi!”

While watching the air-bus swiftly disappearing
Through the cloudlet-
Slowly my heart had
Started to melt….

Could thou see my arm?
Which was waving at thee with the touch of calm?

Now, listen thou—
For thee-“the gem of my heart”
I have a secret vow:
‘I shall silently count the days
In the far-off miles
When thou will take me in thy arms
With a Ray of Smiles.’………

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in hostel…

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