I wipe the tears from my eyes;
so you don’t notice my cries;
I harden my heart, even as it tears me apart; you don’t seem to care, or mind;
the only thing that can heal me is time;
you keep hanging on not letting me go;
for now I must go with the flow;
I wish I could let go and have time to heal; but right now I’m forced to deal;
This is not my choice, nor is it fair;
but it’s left me with my heart broken and bare;
I wish you would let me go so I can be free;
How much your hurting me you just don’t see;
Please understand I do love you, but letting go is something I must do.

Category: GoodBye Poems

5 Responses on “Broken”

Juneah says:

sometimes letting go is the only way to prove someone how you love them so deep…

pooja says:


wasabi_adik says:

yes u have to let go… and its hurt when u have to do is wait for that person to love you…

Asma syed says:

It is true a heart speaks when U don’t feel the eye cry’s pardon this people can’t understand why the heart spoke n the eye cry’s……[ASMA HYD]

Seexy says:

I lke it.It makes me want to cry because there is someone who cnt let go in he need’s to before it’s to late fore me to say goodbye and he will be in some deep tears…

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