True Friendship…

Friends play a vital role in our lives.
They influences us strongly.
Having friends with negative traits
Will eventually drag us down.
On the other hand.
Having friends
With positive characteristics.
Like loyal and trustworthiness.
Someone who think of you.
When things are not going well for you.
Is a friend indeed.
And will definitely have
A positive effect on our lives.
Now.don’t you agree that it is of great
Importance to choose our friends wisely?
Remember.don’t be fooled
By the first impressions.
When making new friends.
Open your eyes when choosing new friends.
choose friends who will always be there
for you through thick and thin.
Look for those who will divine
Your sorrows and multiply your joy.
If you find them
Keep them for they are a true friends.
Consider yourself lucky.
Because a true friend.
Is a greatest possession.
I am lucky.
I have found my true friends.

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