The telephone beeped
a text came through
i saw it was from you
fear set in
i was afraid to look
fear it could have been
a final words yes
but more than that
fear i might begin to hope
after falling so deep and taking so long
to learn how not to hurt
i’d finally begun to cope
or so i thought
untill your text came through
how do i look
or just sit the phone down and walk away
getting over love you learn to do
but does getting over hope even exist
you were an uncontrolled fall
i coudn’t stop
my feelings flowed
and my heart poured out
you’re words were kind
nothing has harsh
your leaving in my fall
just how things turn out
now i see that the phone flashing
with a text from you
do i hope or begin to doubt
as i’ll reach out i’ll just…..

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