My Friend

God is so kind to give me a friend like you.
Like the way you make me smile with your silly jokes.
Even though sometimes you annoy me with your naughty jokes.
Not for such a long time we’ve known each other,
Newly found good friend that I couldn’t ask for another…

As each days of my life passes by
Somehow, you’ve touched my heart.
Sometimes I feel I’ve known you for so long.
Understands you more and more.
Not good looking but nice person is what you are to me.
Cherish all the wonderful friendship that we share
In your own simple way, you showed me how you care.
Or maybe at times you don’t even really care… you dare!
None of it matters my friend, as long as I have you here with me…

2 Responses on “My Friend”

Juneah says:

This is for a friend (Glenn Assuncion) I haven’t seen yet. hahaha…

malvika says:

excellent! poem

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