Circle Of Friends

Friendship are an important
source of support
there are some who are more
scrupulous and honorable than others
our lives usually resolves
around several sets of friends
the group of childhood
friends we grew up with
school mates whom we bonded
with our exam student life
friends from the works
whom we grew close with in
the source of working together everyday
along the way we also picked up
other friends whom we “clicked”
with our finger tips
this friendships coexist
efforlessly and we go
to different sets of friends
for different needs
however,there are instances
when we tend to gravitate
a certain group more
at different stages of our lives
navigating through the trials
and tribulations of friendships
would naturally foster a strong bond
especially if our
personalities match and
we have common interests
and before we know it
a simple friendships
has blossomed into a solid friendship.

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