My Parents

My parents are my gift from god
They are diamonds which sparkle always
They are my wealth which will make me rich
They are so special to me and they are my real god
Who loves me, cares me and provide me
Food, education and many other things
When I was standing unknowingly,
They showed me the path and light
When I was new to the surroundings
They taught me about the world, and
Showed me the places I didn’t expect in my life
They helped me to learn many unknown things.
Whenever I went wrong they corrected me
Whenever I done a mistake they made me comprehend
Whenever I cried they consoled me
Whenever I quarreled with someone they calmed me,
and asks me to apologize than to regret later.
Soon I learnt many things regarding relation from them
This made me realize that I am an important person
They told me that the world is waiting for me
They inspired me with many books to read
They grew courage in me to withstand many things
They encouraged me to achieve many things in my life
They made me feel I am special and precious to them
They helped me to created many new things
Their support was the syrup which gave me strength
Their caring is the secret behind every success in me.
These things made me love them more and more
Therefore I conclude by saying once again that
My parents are my gift from god

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mannat bajwa says:

veryyyyyyy.nice poem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,wow…….

riwa says:

very nice :Di like it alot”



Gaurav says:

Great poem

I Love My Parents……….

zakir.hussain says:


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