I’m Tired

I wake up early in the morning and have some tea
Then I go to the bathroom to wash up and pea
I need to go to work as early as nine
Then out of the office late at night.

I only work five days a week
But sure thing it made me weak
I’m tired of the things I do at work
I’m tired and had no choice but work.

I have to work to earn some money
But I can’t save even just a penny
For I have to pay for water and electric bills
And also for school and home bills.

I’m tired of the things that I always do
I’m tired of all the hardships and pain in life
I’m tired for working in able to survive
I’m tired, yes I am, but I will never be tired of YOU…

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2 Responses on “I’m Tired”

worse nightmare says:

its true…

Juneah says:

this poem is for my little angel JOHNEAH

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