The Cross

I could just see
That cross so clearly
I was flat on my face before it
So weighed down with my wrongs
My self…
That I couldn’t rise an inch
All I could do was lie there
Admitting and confessing everything
I had nothing to offer him
No intensive at all for him
To forgive me
All I had was I was
But he accepted me
I was what he always wanted
In the first place and he receive me
He lifted the loads in my heart
And I could feel it go
I could just sense it all
Drawn away from me
And rushing up to that cross
I felt so light by
The slightest breeze
I am free.I am ransomed.
I’ve never felt this way before
Like a slave set free
Who was born a slave and never knew
What freedom was like.
I want to know this Jesus
Who has ransomed me
We’ve only just met…

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