Amazing Love

Amazing love of Jesus
Never minding my scarlet stains,
He holds me up in His arms of glory
And covers my heart with His unfailing grace.

The sun may despise my heart of darkness
The moon from me may cover her face.
But never has His light once failed me,
He holds me up in His heart’s embrace.

I’m wrong, not once I’ve fumed over
My heart in doubt His Name disgraced.
But still can I but love my Jesus,
My Lord, my friend, my only praise?

The stars above me hung in silence
As thoughts confusing marred my face.
Yet, deep within me was His assurance;
He’d love me through the end of days.

I’ll doubt myself, my Lord I’ll never
Who saved me by the cross of shame.
Each stripe He took, my soul delivered
Each drop of blood, my life reclaimed.

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