Life Is A Gift

Back to the days when i felt
As though there was a hole inside me
That needed to be filled
I’d feel alone
I constantly wanted to be some better
Version of myself and always felt
There was something wrong with me
There’s so much pressure
On people to succeed and
To listen to what they have to say
I spend far too much
Time and energy
Keeping my head down and
Never made a fuss
All the time wanted others had
Simply because i didn’t
They all had it so much easier and
Then i realised my future was up to me
To shout about the fact
That i’m getting to grow old
More than anything
It’s the understanding
That life is a gift
Everyday of it instead to constract
Some dream of happiness
I was so afraid to fall
I was so afraid of rejection
All the time looking for love
Not anymore
my kids Knocked that out of me
As they hold me by the hand
The simple love they made me feel
Making each day joyful and meaningful
Even one small way.

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