Where Are You?

I’m sick of waking up,
to find that you’re not here
why do you do it just go and

where are you?
can you answer me somehow?
because im worried sick
about you and i dont need
to be right now.

do you ever think of anybody
else or is it all just about
you? do you ever stop to think?
just what the hell you’re putting
me through?

weeks without a single word
and you expect me just to fall
back into your hands well you
need to open your eyes honey
because im finding it hard to understand.

this time is different i wont
step back into place because
im sick of you pulling and
making these tears lather
my face.

it wont be all fine and dandy
like you always think it should
be because i’ve recognized something
that you’ve failed to see.

i’ve tired of being hurt
and all of the sleepless nights
we used to be really close but
now we’re falling for a fight.

because i’ve had enough of
you and all you never say
so honey dont come back and
just stay the hell away.

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2 Responses on “Where Are You?”

Tani Partner says:

Well Nice one, full of regrets & aggression

sujata says:

let everyone enjoy life

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