Walk Away

You thought youd break me,
instead you made me realize.
Your stupid lies, i dont wanna hear your cries.
Guess what, i dont sympatize!
You should of known that the love we had stopped growing.
You should have told me.
Why!! Instead you chose to lie. Now your begging with your eyes…
Ive already packed my bags.
Your a part of my past. Your gonna miss what we had.
Regret it but too bad! Im gone…
And you never know what you have till you see it walk away.
You cant shout for me to stay, ive tuned you out!
I know what your about, baby baby please! Even down on your knees, but your pleas wont work!
Im a women whose been hurt, treated like nothing! Worse then dirt,
and if i stayed again youd stray and i cant live my life that way.
You dug your ditch now its time for you to lay!!

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ashu says:

hey which priscilla is dis ???
i mean where do u live/???????

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