I Dont Need You

I dont need you in my life no more dont come back cuz I aint gonna open the door.
you had your chance you blew it off but that aint my fault.
telling me you loved me and needed me stupid me that i actually believed was true.
how could you be so cruel?
i have no problem admitting you did play for a fool. but that aint gonna happen again.
dont need you in my life all the stress.
all the problems you caused i can live without you i’ve done it for years.
and look how good i turn out dont need you bringing me stress and making me depressed.
you a fool if you think i’ma take you back so long be gone dont want to hear from you again bye have fun.
hope you find someone new sooner or later you will get your heart broken too and you will see what am talking about.

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One Comment on “I Dont Need You”

Thembi says:

Wow this poem is wonderfull couz this boys think they are better than us they think they wont get hurt in future.there way boys treat us is unfair.we fall in love with them then they decised to hurt us.keep the good work this poem it tuching .

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