I Am Alone

Im sitting here alone,
realising your gone
I know I cant change things
I know I was wrong.

They all say I dont need you
They all say Im better off
They dont understand I love you yet I never said it enough.

I regret what i did
but I cant take it back
wish I could hold you, i want you back.

I know you deserve better
I know Im messed up
but cant go on without you
i miss u so much.

baby Im sorry i know i said it before i mean it more than ever knowing our love now behind a closed door.

I didnt realize what i had till i lost you my heart bleeds inside i cant forget you.

cant you find it in your heart to forgive me love me once again tell me everythings alright tell me its not the end.

yet i know the end is now
i know you’ll never love me
again, im sorry baby that i was the one to let you down.

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4 Responses on “I Am Alone”

Tani Partner says:

Very Nice
Straight from the Heart

jenny says:

awsum 1 realy…….

jenny says:

yo heart touching poem,realy awsum…..

ntokozo says:

Mh nice hey its comes from the heart

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