How I Feel

Even when im smiling inside im broken…
Do u no ive made u everything in my life?!
Tears streaming down my face
In this world i seem to have no place,
My existence u could simply erase!!
Why do i matter? I do to them, to me, to u, but the way i feel; is like this pain kills!
I cant escape it! Am i just throwing another addicts fit?
Cz i cant have my way?
Why? Ur resistance makes me cry…
I want u to stay i want u each n everyday,
but u seem to pull away, why?? Why?
U deny my love, ive only wanted u.
Ur the only love ive ever known and with time its overgrown.
Dont make me live without. Ur who im about! Stop turning me from you.
U know u want me to. If i were to give up, on me, on u, on love, then i wouldnt be the person i was meant to be!
I need u like u need me!
U complete and keep me happy!!
If what u want is me to walk away i play to win i dont give in…

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dharshini veerapathy says:

its simply very true..

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