forget my name
forget my face
forget my kiss and warm embrace
forget the love we once shared
forget the fact that i once cared.
forget the times we spend together remember now that things are gone forever forget i cried the whole night long forget me when they play our song forget how close we once were remember how you used me for her forget you memorized my walk forget the way i used to talk forget those times when i was mad remember when i was happy not sad forget the times we were alone forget when i made your dreams come true remember now their is someone new forget my gentle teasing way forget you saw me everyday forget the things you planning to do remember how you loved me forget the thills when i walked by forget the times you made me cry forget the way i said your name remember things are not the same forget the way i held your hand. forget the sweet things if you can forget the way i loved you too remember their is someone new forget the times that went to fast forget all there is in the past forget i said i’ll leave you never remember now i’m gone forever.

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3 Responses on “Forget”

pinkluver says:

ive felt this way before with one of my ex’s. all we did was get together,then we’d break up again! man, did it confused one of my friends….

sadia says:

nice poem
bt the difficult task in life is to froget!!!!!!!!so it takes a lng time to forget

audrina says:

i love the poem but i liked it more when my home girl jessica read to me in 9th grade because her sister kenia wrote it and i still have it dont steal things or write someone poems down be real

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