Enough is Enough!

It’s amazing what would come out
From your mouth
An act utterly insulting
Offensive and name calling
Many problems happen
Because of communication
When we stop listening
Or assume the worst of another
Because it’s easier
Stick with pride
And swallow reality that way
I have enough
And this is to give a taste
Of a medicine
You were a friend
Who has always something
Mean to say about everything
Always wants to put others down
To make yourself look good
A sharp tongue doesn’t make you
A good being
And you have hurt the feeling
Of many of us
Who regard you as friend
I thought you are not as bad
As what others say
But much-much worst
I have enough
I have my fair share
Of hearing but not listening
But perhaps age
Has made me smarter and
Wisen me up a little
I know longer the girl
Who wants to fight and defend herself
Just for the sake of it
I have enough
At the end of the day
There are no winners
Just unhappy and bitter folks…

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